Hacker News RSS Feed for Busy People

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The Hacker News RSS feed is a daily-updating RSS feed featuring the top 60 front-page stories of the day. We scrape the Hacker News Front Page list, and publish it as an RSS feed.

Subscribing to our RSS feed is a perfect solution for those who don't have enough time to check Hacker News regularly and don't want to miss any important posts on the site. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually scrolling through Hacker News pages to stay up to date. With Hacker News RSS feed, you can get all the latest news delivered straight to your RSS reader!

Our feed is generated every day at 7AM PST.

Newsletter v/s RSS Feed

There are many good newsletters serving the above purpose, but we believe that RSS feeds are still better than the newsletters. Here are few points to consider when deciding which is the better option for you:

No Clutter

Newsletters can be cluttered with editor's description, ads and promotions. On the other hand, our RSS feed contains the top 60 front-page stories of the day from the Hacker News. Nothing else.

No Email Required

Newsletters require an email address, while RSS feeds don't require any personal information from you. All you need is an RSS reader of your choice, and you're good to go.


Newsletters may track your reading activities, by tracking opens and link clicks. They generally encode the links, and redirect users to the original source link from their own servers. This helps them in tracking clicks along with other private data of the users like their IP address, browser information etc.

Our RSS feed doesn't encode or hide the original source links, and hence, we can't track the users.

Play with the RSS

You can use our RSS feed with tools like IFTTT, Zapier etc. to do many automated things. Checkout IFTTT's popular RSS workflows and automations.

How to subscribe?

Enter the following URL in your favorite RSS reader:


If you use Feedly, click here to subscribe directly.

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