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We offer a custom RSS feed for the readers of Hacker News (news.ycombinator.com). Our this RSS feed updates daily featuring the top 60 front-page stories of the day. We simply scrape the Hacker News Front Page list, and publish it as a RSS feed. This makes it super handy to access the top Hacker News links right in your RSS reader.

Subscribing to our RSS feed is a perfect solution for those who don't have enough time to check Hacker News regularly, and don't want to miss any important posts on the site. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually scrolling through Hacker News pages to stay up to date. With this feed, you get all the top news and links discussed on Hacker News delivered straight to your RSS reader!

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Our feed is generated every day at 7AM PST.

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You can use our RSS feed with tools like IFTTT, Zapier etc. to do many automated things. Checkout IFTTT's popular RSS workflows and automations.

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